Cutting with scissors

Meet the team behind Crescent Creations.

Stitched line Scissors and stitching

Crescent Creations is a small home-based business created by two mums, Catherine and Nikki.

Catherine and Nikki

Meet Catherine - the creator

I’m Catherine and I am the person behind the sewing machine, making all the beautiful gifts and keepsakes. I live at home with my husband and our three children. I’ve always enjoyed being creative and crafty. Since my children have been babies I have been keen to make them personalised items such as Christmas stockings or bunting to decorate their bedrooms......and that’s how the idea for Crescent Creations came about.

Nikki is my neighbour and good friend. One Christmas she saw the Christmas Stockings I had made for my children and she encouraged me to set up a business producing my creations for others. We started off with just a few creations but this gradually increased because of the requests we were getting. We love adding new ideas to our collection.

I love working with our customers, being creative and turning their most sentimental items into a beautiful keepsake to treasure forever.

Meet Nikki - the administrator

I’m Nikki and I am the person who collates all the orders and payments. I also look after our Social Media pages, liasing with our customers. I live at home with my husband and two children. I enjoy working together with Catherine, coming up with ideas for new creations and watching her bring them to life with her amazing skills and creativity. It’s so rewarding to see and hear the joy and comfort our creations and keepsakes give to our customers.

Cutting with scissors